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I just finished up my strat project, so I won't be needing these anymore. I will either sell it whole or in pieces:

RG 470/570 Hybrid for sale

I got this from Frank Falbo about a month ago and it plays and sounds great. Right now, I just need to clean house. Here are the specs:

Custom Burgandy sparkle paintjob on a RG470 body
Paintjob is 9 out of 10 - no chips or dents
Routed for Lo Pro Edge
V1/S1/V2 pickups
Cosmo Lo Pro Edge installed
Wizard 2 neck - my preference over Wizard - maple/rosewood/dots
All Cosmo hardware

I'm looking for $350 shipped, which is what I have into it. No case, but it will be double boxed.

If I part it out:

body - $100 shipped
Lo Pro with lock nut - $125 shipped
neck w/key - $100 shipped
pickup w/pots - $50 shipped

Also have a Jackson Dinky Reverse Pro - Rare stone finish with Steve's Special and PAF Pro/Fred hybrid, maple neck/maple board, JT500 trem, single volume control and black hardware. Guitar is in 8.5 out of 10 condition. Has Dunlop straplocks. Also asking $350 shipped.

Also will part out as follows:

body - $85 shipped
Lo Pro with lock nut - $90 shipped
neck w/key - $90 shipped
pickups - $50 a piece shipped or 90 for the pair

Korg Ampworks modeler - $40 shipped
Korg Pandora PX4 - $110 shipped
Behringer x-vamp - $55 shipped

Chrome tuneomatic bridge - 15 shipped
Chrome stud tailpiece - $15 shipped
Chrome 3x3 Grover style tuning keys - $20 shipped
3 white covered strat pickups from MIM strat - middle pickup is RW - $40 shipped
RG trem cover - $10 shipped
RG7 trem cover - $10 shipped
RG Truss Rod cover - $10 shipped
Edge/Lo Pro arm - $12 shipped

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