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Hi everybody,

I have a very recently purchased JEM77BPFP that I am hoping to sell. I was looking forward to purchasing a JEM for a long time, but I am afraid I have a difficult time bonding with non-Gibson-type guitars. It really is an excellent instrument, and I know somebody will be able to really enjoy it.

I am not the first owner, I bought it on Reverb just last month, and whoever owned this previously swapped the original maple neck with the blue vine inlays out for a rosewood fretboard with a J-Craft prestige neck (the original was a premium). This, in my opinion, is a significant upgrade. The fretboard and frets are in mint condition. The rest of the guitar is also in very good conditions. There is a very faint dent in the finish near the nut, a bit of very fine paint wear on the neck bolts, a touch of frayed fabric on the bridge pickup ribbon, and some of the typical finish swirls on the back of the body and pickguard if examined very closely in daylight. Definitely a 9.5/10 in terms of overall condition. Beautiful instrument. Very nice soft flight case included.

Please see the link below for images:

I am located in Canada, but can ship to the USA. I am hoping to sell for $2,200, but can negotiate. Shipping will depend on location and shipping method. I will have it packaged up very safely!

Many thanks!
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