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For sale here is an Ibanez Lo Pro Edge bridge with all parts included (minus the bar) in gold. Bought this off of a guy and never got around to using it. I am not sure what year model it is. It has the usual gold hardware pitting on the bass side of the trem. There is some wear/pitting on the baseplate, as well as the E, A, and D string saddles. The low E got the worst of it and the string retainer block has a little rust on it. Nothing a soak in WD 40 wouldn't fix up. I've never seen any gold Ibanez hardware that didn't eventually get pitted... I've tried to show the wear in the pics. The treble side is pretty well clean, though, and i'm sure none of this affects performance. The knife edges are very clean and have a ton of life left on them; i'd guess the trem was barely used. The locking nut is pretty well clean, though.
US buyers only please! I'll take $120+ shipping for everything that you see.
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