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Well boys its about that time of year: summer clearance. I am looking to unload some of my "heavier" and more extreme axes, specifically low tuners, as I have too many now and I am not cycling them enough.

This Meshuggah model is serious, and if you aren't familiar with it, then it probably isn't the 8 string for you.

This is near mint/excellent +++, without any visible damage whatsoever

Im including the Hard shell case, and Ill ship free via Fed Ex in North East, and discounted/free shipping to continental US (id consider EU w/ references from veteran jemsite members), and this is a huge guitar and box, so Im asking $1250 including the shipping

If you want to pick it up from NYC, ill cut out another $100 bucks, (so $1150 pickup/cash)

Not looking for any trades at all, so please don't offer anything besides cash money or paypal.

Thank you :)
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