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Ibanez Paul Gilbert Signature model PGM30 - Loaded with a DiMarzio Tone Zone and a DiMarzio PAF Pro.

Awesome guitar, awesome tone. Shame to sell it.
Has a locking Floyd Rose Licenced Trem on it, unlike the fixed bridge of the PGM301, whammys rule.

Style: 6 string
Finish: White
Fretboard: Rosewood
Neck: Maple
Body: Basswood

Again, notice I had the pickups swapped out. It's now loaded with DiMarzios. A PAF Pro and a Tone Zone.
I'm sorry about the dodgy image....my camera is playing up...it's the only one I could find of the guitar!!!! Sorry!!!

I have the original INF-1 and INF-2 pickups, I'll throw them in too!

Great condition, one little ding...not severe at all...will get photos.
Offers at £450??? Make me an offer....
Would prefer UK...but not essential...
PM me, or reply here...or email me!
[email protected]

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