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Black & Gold
EXCELLENT condition
Made In Japan
Includes hardshell case and trem cavity cover (not shown, but it's in the case)
This is signed by Reb Beach.

I really hate to sell this but since it's the newest member of my collection, I've not yet bonded with it.
I'm also playing in a classic rock cover band now and this doesn't really fit the image very much anyways.
I just bought a second Kemper Profiler and need to recoup some funds ASAP.

Note: There is a scratch on the back that I tried to photograph (see the pic where I am pointing to it).
Here are some pics: http://www.bandslink.com/rbm1
$875 shipped in the Continental US. (You cover Paypal fees or F&F).
I ship via UPS on the following business day after payment.
I'm in Cincinnati if you'd like to pick it up in person.
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