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FS:/ Ibanez RG (Jem convert) w/ mirror finish

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This one started to have its finish stripped but it never made it all the way. It has little tiny mirror pieces covering the face of the guitar like Vai's old UV7PWH that he used for his solo on the Whitesnake/Passion and Warfare tour. It has 2 CHROME Evolution pickups in it. These are not EVO's with bobbin toppers. These actually came from a JEM10 and have slight wear of the chrome on the edges of the pickups. It had no single coil in it and there was a space in the pickgard for one so I took a piece of black gaffers tape and covered the hole then put a chrome bobbin topper over it. From 5 feet away it looks like it has a chrome single coil! lol This guitar plays and sounds sweet and looks INCREDIBLE on stage under the lights. Its definitely a show stopper. Comes with a hard shell case and a whammy bar.

$600.00 plus shipping or best offer

Shipping would be made from

Rikk Beatty
18003 Charlotte PL SW
Rochester, WA 98579
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O...M..G!, thats sweet, but too expensive for me, only if it had Chrome EMGs....
it's very nice but sorry I'm low in budget :(
Oh also,

If you DONT want a hardshell case I can adjust the price of the guitar accordingly.
Dude, How about lay-a-way for the next i dunno 40 years, So want that back, i have enough parts to sell, but might have to haggle over shipping bro :)


p.s. Signed poster is up in my mini recording studio :)
Right on man! lol Actually it would not be up to me. I had sold it to my friend Jason. He was also a JEMSITE member but for some reason he was not able to sign in and use his account any longer so I am selling it for him on here.
i would buy it dude, but look at the paint under the points near the neck ,its kinda goin away
Yeah it started to have its finish stripped but never made it all the way. I would sand it all the way down if it were me. Please close this thread though since the guitar has been listed on Evil Spray for auction.
I saw this one two day ago on Evil Bay , you know the auction site ...lol
I'll try to find the number of the auction ..... just to see if i'm not losing my mind

Nope you were not. asked for the thread to be closed since I put it on **** but I guess it remained open. It did not sell there at Evil Bay so I re-listed it with a lowered reserve.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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