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Item for sale:
Ibanez RG1077XL-RB 7 string 27" scale guitar.

-7 String Prestige, 27" scale, basswood body (Royal Blue+white binding), maple neck (skunk stripe), rosewood fretboard, Lo Pro Edge 7.
-Aftermarket pickups: WHITE Evolution 7 (b), Blaze Single (m), Blaze Neck (n). Matching pots and switch tip.
-Includes W50RG case. Just like a UV1000C, blue lining.

Has a big dink on the upper binding, about 1 cm~3/8" diameter, and some buckle rash behind. Everything else mint, including zero fretwear.

Asking Price:
1100 US+Shipping. This price may be a little high for USA, but for other markets, it's OK. Haggling is allowed! ;)

My Location:
Santiago de Chile. Far, but I have sold guitars to jemsiters without problems!

Terms of Sale/Purchase:
Wire transfer or Western Union. I believe the wire is way cheaper!
Contact me at caprile -at- gmail dot com

Other Information:
Some pics here:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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