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RG350MDX - $250 plus shipping
This is a great guitar I'm selling it as I now have a Carvin CT6 and need some money lol. Its in great condition only issue is a small crack on the side not a big deal barely noticeable. It includes a hard case and original documentation/manual.

The tremolo has been fixed as it improves the tuning stability but I can remove the block if it you want to use the floyd rose.

Delta 44 $80 plus shipping

This is in great condition and includes the pci card, cable, and break out box.

DMP3 (silver) 2 channel preamp - $90 plus shipping

This is in excellent condition basically perfect. It has a whopping 66db of gain and works fantastic. Selling cause im buying an interface with built in preamps.


Please email me at
jordantstreet at gmail dot com

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