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My beautiful RG550 in Desert Sun Yellow from 1987 Made in Japan! Not the Genesis version - this is the real deal from the late eighties.

This guitar has beautiful black hardware: Gotoh Tuners, Original EDGE Tremolo and Trem Arm.

The pickups have been upgraded to the Blue Dimarzio Liquifire / Crunchbase combo and a Pink Dimarzio Evolution Single Pickup in the middle for a H-S-H combination.

The Tone pot has been bypassed and the Volume pot moved to where the Tone usually is.

Awesome fast neck and overall a stunning guitar. Recent setup with Ernie Ball Slinky 9-42 Strings.

Will ship fully insured in a beaten up but very sturdy Gender Hard Shell Case.

$900 + Actual Shipping Cost

P.S. Please contact me for pictures.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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