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Item for sale:Ibanez RG620X

Description & Condition: 2002 RG620X Galaxy Black Good condition. Has two very small chip marks on the back, hense the reason I'm selling it so cheap.

Asking Price:$550 o.b.o

My Location:Cincinnati, Ohio.

Terms of Sale/Purchase: Money order. Buyer pays shipping.

Other Information: Features a Locking Edge Pro Tremolo system, Dual Humbuckers w/ 5-way switch, built in Piezo w/ 3-way switch (Humbuckers active / Piezo active / or Humbuckers + Piezo), Two 1/4" Output jacks, and a Wizard 3 Neck w/ 24 jumbo frets. The 2 output jacks allow you to connect to 2 amps at once, one for the humbuckers and one for the piezo. If you connect to one of the jacks, it operates both the humbuckers and the piezo via 3-way switch. The newer models of this guitar are the RG1620X and I believe they are considered the prestige model. Email [email protected]
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