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$750 shipped/PayPal'd in the Continental U.S. only. Located in SW Florida and in person demo/pickup is fine.

I've owned eight or nine examples of the Ibanez S-series over the past few years, everything from a super rare FGM400 to the latest Prestige S5470's. This is the only one I kept. It has the overall playability of the FGM400 but I wasn't afraid to swap pickups in this one.

Selling for two reasons; a slow telecaster build I've started and I may be moving and will only be able to fit two or three guitars in the vehicle.

So what we have here is a made in Fujinen, Japan 2000 model S1520 NT Prestige with bubinga top. It features a maple neck with a Wenge stripe and a mahogany body. It has the original, and still the best, Wizzard profile neck and weighs 6.8 pounds. It has two humbuckers, a three way blade switch, with coil split.

I'd classify this guitar as a 7.5 or 8 out of 10. There are no major gouges, big scratches or anything like that. I used this guitar in my home studio only. The cosmetic damage is mostly small chips in the clear coat around the edges of the guitar. There are probably about half a dozen. There are two cracks in the clear near the neck pocket. I took off the neck and verified it doesn't go through to the wood. Very, very common on Ibanez. The hardware is all Cosmo, everything is in excellent condition. The pickup rings show the most sign of wear and I'll include a mint set along with the sale as I have no use for them. Nothing has any corrosion and the term is brand new. This isn't a mint guitar as it did get played but it's also not been abused and has been well cared for.

There are no marks on the neck or fretboard. The fretboard is very, very dark rosewood. Headstock doesn't have any chips on the tip, a few light scratches on the face from changing strings over the years. Overall these are incredibly durable guitars.

This guitar has been my go to for a long time and it's also served as a test bed for various pickups. It has the best neck out of any guitar I've ever owned and it's still the only thin neck I really really like (other than the FGM). No dead spots either. Sustains very well up and down the neck.

I've modified the guitar and added the following:
-Brand new Ibanez Edge Pro tremolo with brass claw, screws, silent springs and brass big block.
-Brand new Dimarzio Air Norton in the neck, Tone Zone in the bridge position.
-New three-way blade switch with a coil split on the tone pot (500K Alpha)
-New CTS brass shaft volume pot with really good taper.
-Ebony tone and volume knob
-Brand new DiAddario XL Nickel wounds (10's)
-Professional fret job. Frets are fully polished and look new. No wear. Effortless bending.

The tremolo with the big block required some internal routing of the tremolo area (see photos). It still won't give the full range compared to the original tremolo or an Edge Pro with the standard zinc block. It'll dive full range but won't pull up as far. But the Edge pro is smoother and you don't have to cut the ball ends off.

I tried probably a dozen different pickups in this guitar and it works with a lot of them. I settled on the current combo as it seemed to cover the most ground and when split, it cops a great stratocaster sound. Working the tone, split and volume will get you just about anything you're looking for from SG, to really bluesy vintage stuff, to jazz and even metal. This guitar seems to really like Mesas, Fenders, Matchless and a few boutique ams like Two Rock. It didn't do as well with a Dr. Z Carmen Ghia but I have other guitars for that amp.

Roll the tone all the way back and you get a very clear, dripping with sustain lead tone. Cop some EJ, Gilmour or Andy Timmons no problem. Roll the volume back up and rip up some Angus Young.

The guitar will come with a brand new Ibanez case specifically made for the S series, the original zinc block, tremolo arm (new), and a locking strap.

PLEASE PM any questions. I don't want to irritate the mods.

Anyway, glamour shots with a different set of pickups in there. Later pics have the current Dimarzio double black uncovered pickups.

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