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Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ibanez S2120X-AV (Antique Violin) Piezo pickups 2002 model
Modifications (if any): DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversaries in zebra (F-spaced bridge, standard spaced neck) Ibanez SureGrip III amber knobs
Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original Hardshell case, pickups, knobs and and case candy
Location (City,State or City,Country): Greece
International OK? : Yes in the EU
Contact Info (No Phone #s) PM here
References (eBay or other forum userid): Same username on sevenstring, Jemsite etc. Ebay id AgisJazz sold a few guitars.
Price (include currency and if firm/obo): €800
Pictures: http://s248.photobucket.com/user/Jazzedout/library/Ibanez S2120XAV

For sale my S2120X. A few dings here and there, nothing major. Plays wonderfully, sounds great, full bodied unplugged sound and great sustain. If you haven't played a Japanese S series guitar you'll be pleasantly surprised. The guitar is complete with everything it originally came with, including the original Gotoh strap locks!!

The pickups take gain fantastically and sound great clean as well!! The original QM1 and QM2 pickups are included and are of the best one that Ibanez made. I changed them because I believe a PAF style pickup complements the Piezo nicely.

If I am not mistaken the S2120x was only available in 2002. The main difference from the S2020x produced in previous years is the updated piezo system with the concentric bass/treble tone pot.

Will be very well packed, shipping only to the EU (due to CITES) cost is €50. No trades, GAS has already hit me!! If I manage to sell some non guitar related gear first, this one stays with me.
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