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I'm selling my Ibanez SZ320MH. I've done a few mods to it that have improved the guitar quite a bit.

Very good condition as you can see from the photos. With my mods I'd say much better than new. There are some small scratches and dings here and there. Nothing major. Overal the guitar looks great.

I am asking $300.00 plus actual shipping to the US or Canada. I am selling to finance a stratocatser, so if you have a strat you'd like to trade let me know, maybe we could work something out.

I'm in NB Canada

Paypal for payment please.

Mods I made are as follows...

1) GFS overwound boutique Alnico humbucker in the bridge position. I think this pickup sounds awsome. Not extremely high output but very sweet and full sounding. about the pickup

"This may be the HOTTEST pickup in the entire GFS line. TONS of output Very full, very round, very warm but with a terrific amount of edge- really a great vintage sounding pickup but with tons of balls. Compare this to any $200 Boutique pickup!

Big fat Alnico Magnets- Vintage style coil windings- black Delrin bobbins, nickel plated polepieces, Brass baseplate- Four conductor, coil tappable wiring- These are high quality, wax potted pickups. In fact- they're vacuum impregnated- so I can stand in front of my SLO-100 with NO SQUEALThis is a very round and warm ALNICO magnet humbucker pickup.

As you can see from the photo- I have a pair of these installed in my own $3000 custom guitar- replacing a $400 set of "Very Boutique-ey Famous Pickups". The GFS pickups added that punch and sustain I was looking for- and made this relatively thin Mahogany guitar sound way fatter. You get one BRAND NEW retail packaged GFS Fat PAF pickup in ZEBRA finish calibrated for the bridge position- Retail price is $99."
2) The tone pot is a push/pull coil splitter that allows you to put all pickups into single coil mode by pulling out the tone knob.

3) I installed a High quality Les Paul style lever three way switch. The original was a little micro switch that felt weird and hurt the tone in my opinion.

4) I added creme color pickup rings to match the neck binding. I think it looks better. I can also include the silver ones in the sale.

5) I changed the volume and tone knobs to aged amber ones. I do have the originals and I can include them in the sale.

6) The original bridge humbucker is now in the neck position. I think it sounds great there. The original neck pickups didn't have much "punch".

7) I replaced the original white nut with a black one. It is cut very low to help lower the action. The action on the guitar is very low. Maybe too low for some people, but I think most here at Jemsite are capable of adjusting action to meet their needs.

So thats all the mods I can think of. I should mention that when I bought this guitar it would feedback when cranked up with distortion. After I installed the GFS pickup and the new toggle switch I was able to play with tons of gain and no feedback. I don't know if it was the original pickups or the cheesy 3 way switch but it is much better now.


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