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I have up for sale my Ibanez Universe 777VBK guitar.
It is in very good condition, hardly played by myself but well taken care of!
Please take a look at the pictures here:


I purchased the guitar about 6 months ago with the mind to use it on a project I was involved with in London, I ended up leaving the project shortly after buying the guitar and as such it has sat still in it's hard case pondering it's own existence for a while.

Due to circumstances that have occured today, I can no longer afford to let it sit by weeping in my wardrobe, so it is up for sale. I really do not want to see it go for the sake of it so I hope this will go to a good home.

Some facts about the guitar:

Serial number is F02 22597 - 2002 model, good year!

Frets and fingerboard have been taken care of with Dr Ducks Axe Wax regularly to keep everything clean and prevent drying/cracking of the fingerboard.

Trem bar included in case
All saddles on trem look in good condition, all volume/tone pots working fine with no crackling or buzz.
Back plate included in case (not attached in pictures)

Guitar has been modded with a Dimarzio Blaze 7 Custom (DP703) pickup in the bridge which provides slightly more trebble and mid to allow the guitar to cut through better at lower tunings.

Included in the deal (as can be seen in the pictures) you get:
The original Blaze II 7 pickup that came with the guitar should you want to put it back,
A Dimarzio evolution 7 pickup,
Seymour Duncan JB 7 pickup.
I also have a 7 string invader pickup lying around that I can throw in should you want it.

Joe Satriani Black / Silver good quality strap.
So you can mod them around to your aural pleasure!

Currently setup with a good action, fairly low with 9 - 54 strings tuned in standard.

There is one small collection of of paint chips around the bottom area of the guitar just on the outer rim under the jack and a tiny little scratch on the top side of the guitar that is barely noticeable. Overall the guitar is in very good condition and setup like a dream.

With the guitar in such good condition, it coming with a hardcare and the potential to have up to 4 pickups worth 80 quid each thrown in, i'm putting the guitar up initally for £1100 but will take good / sensible offers on it. Go on, make me an offer.

Would rather keep this to UK shores only unless you are entirely insistant and don't mind paying the shipping! Grab yourself a bargain today, 600 quid off brand new asking price and 4 great pickups worth £300 total, and a strap thrown in!

Contact me!


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Blimey I really didn't want to do this because I'm sure the guitar is worth £1000 in the current climate... but I'm dropping it 900. Give me a private message if you're interested, thanks.

If this doesn't sell at 900 I'm tempted to put it on the bay, but I'll leave it a couple of weeks for everyone on here. Cheers

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