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First off, let me say this; I just sold this guitar on the bay earlier this week and the loser that had the winning bid just wrote to me and said some crap about his credit card company not approving his transaction...

At any rate; I REALLY need to sell this guitar to finance another purchase that I am tied to so before I relist it, I wanted to offer it up here for $800 shipped in the US.

Please see the auction details for pics but I'd love to avoid the bay on this one if at all possible; you guys should have the first shot at it...so act quick cause I need cash fast!

Check auction number 7327323354

I would consider shipping outside the US if I MUST, but would definately give preference to those in the US.

Paypal is what I'd prefer, or US Money Order.

Only trade I'd accept on this one is a Mesa Boogie head, since that's what I'm trying to get the money together for...

Contact [email protected]

Here's pics for those not interested in looking at the auction.

It does come with a hardshell case, but it's a TKL case, not an Ibanez case.
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