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The motorcycle funding guitar herd thinning continues: Posting the thread from work on my ipad, so can’t upload photos. I have photos of the eclipse on my phone and can email quickly, the USRG10 I’ll have to email this evening (though there are also photo threads about this same guitar here and other places on the net. The condition is essentially unchanged). I’ll also upload photobucket albums of each.

Please PM me your email address for photo requests.

First up, my beloved Ibanez USA Custom USRG10. I bought this from a fellow jemsiter a couple years ago and immediately fell in love with the tension free neck. She’s still up there with my all time favorite guitars, but I’ve made a shift back to Gibson scale and single cutaways, so she rarely sees the light of day. Condition is very, very good. No finish chips, one barely visible ding on the front, with the only other cosmetic issues being minor pick swirling. It’s a rarity to see the USRGs pop up, and the USRG10s are the rarest since there was less demand for the fixed bridge in this guitar’s heyday. Comes in burgundy lined non-original Ibanez UV1000 case (in excellent condition)

$750 shipped to con-US, will ship outside US, but buyer pays all shipping/insurance/customs fees.

Body Material - Alder w/ AA Figured Maple Top
Fretboard - Rosewood
Fret Wire - Dunlop 6105
Neck Wood - 1-piece maple
Neck Type - USRG Tension Free (ultra profile
Neck Joint - AANJ
Hardware – Cosmo Black
Bridge - tight end fixed bridge
Pickups are the originals
Neck: DiMarzio PAF Pro
Bridge: DiMarzio ToneZone
Pickup Switching - 5-way

Next up, one of my favorite workhorse guitars. You just can’t beat ESP for consistency in quality.
ESP Eclipse II “Distressed” in Aged Honeyburst finish. Condition is very good + to excellent (remember, this is “reliced” at the factory to LOOK aged). Pickup covers have been removed and I no longer have them).

Aged Honeyburst finish
Set-Neck Construction
Flame Maple top on a Mahogany body
Rosewood fingerboard on a Thin U Contour Mahogany neck
24.75” scale length
Seymour Duncan JB bridge and ‘59 neck pickups
Gotoh TOM bridge and tailpiece
Gotoh vintage style tuners
original hardshell case

$800 shipped to con-US, will ship outside US, but buyer pays all shipping/insurance/customs fees.
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