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Bah, so I thought I had a username here still but I couldn't remember, it's been ages since I've been active in the gear scene, too busy with my photography biz. Anyway...

I'm basically here just trying to avoid the ridiculous fee involved with Ebay.

This is a stock late 2005 model. Only gigged a few times, hasn't been played much at all for the past few years since I haven't been in a band since. No smoking around it ever. No corrosion or pitting on hardware. Note there's a few scratches but nothing too noticeable. Comes with case of course. Freshly strung with 10-59's. Sad to see this one go but I'm planning on reverting back to 6-strings.

Accessories: Hardshell case, allen keys, truss key, tags, manual.

Location: Portland, Maine

Contact Info: Any interest or offers please PM me.

References Required: Ebay user ID deathmetalterror 100% feedback. I know people are pretty weary of transactions off sites like Ebay but check my ebay feedback, I think I know a few people that still post on here but haven't been active in these parts for a while due to my photography biz.

Price: $1600 shipped and paypaled. $1550 shipped if paid by check/wire transfer.

U.S. Only.

Pictures: I would post a bunch but there's some lame rule that I have to have 10 posts in order to post. pfft.
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