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FS: J Custom RG8427F BX and JEM 555 BK

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Listing a couple of guitars for my brother (Ken from Unearth). The first is a J Custom RG8427F BX. He told me he picked this up from Ibanez in Japan back in 2006 when he was still endorsed with them. The guitar is in excellent condition with only 2 very small pencil tip size nicks/impressions in the clear as pictured. Otherwise I'd say it's in mint condition. I don't think he played this much given the condition...and he definitely didn't tour with it (i've seen guitars he tours with ;)). Comes with J Custom case and all paperwork as pictured. Asking price is $2500 + shipping

The second is a JEM 555 BK which he put EMG's in the neck and bridge and blocked off the middle. There's a single coil in the case that will go with the guitar, but i didn't install it figuring let the buyer do what they want with it. It has a few small surface scratches here and there mostly evident just because it's black. Aside from that i don't see any dings or damage. It is missing the output jack cover which is a cheap and easy thing to add. Comes with a UV1000C case, but the case has some bumps and bruises. Will get the job done though. Asking price is $500 + shipping

Photos can be found using the links below. Feel free to ask questions. i'll try my best to answer although since they are his guitars if i don't know the answer i'll have to check with him and get back to you. Thanks for looking.

http://s263.photobucket.com/user/pwsusi/slideshow/Guitars/J Custom RG8427F BX

http://s263.photobucket.com/user/pwsusi/slideshow/Guitars/JEM 555 BK
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