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I'm selling some of the guitars in my collection. All prices include shipping within the EU. All prices negotiable. No trades except for a satin neck PRS 513 and Music Man Axis with a nice top or a multiscale 7 string. Shipping worldwide, please add $120. More photos or sound samples on demand. I have many references on ss.org and on facebook, please ask. The guitars are located in Kraków, Poland, but I'm willing to ship worldwide.

RG 7570ZE DLL - limited edition. 2014 2x EMG 89 pickups. Has coil splitting. Beautiful, deep blue color. Ebony fretboard. Ebony fretboard! No vine inlay, just stylish dots. Very good condition, except 2 marks on the headstock and for a bit rusty bridge (see pics). I think it can be cleaned though - I leave it for the next owner. I want to keep one guitar with EMGs so if the 8420ZE sells, I'm probably keeping this one. More info: RG7570ZE | Ibanez Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Includes OHSC and tremolo arm.

RG 8550MZ BBE - A rare gem - only 20 made each color as far as I know. I had one, I didn't know that it was so rare and I sold it. Now I have one again! Would much prefer to keep it so the price is high
2016 year. The most interesting feature is its maple fretboard. It's in like new condition, except for a small ding on the front (pictured). Incl. straplocks, certificate, tool, manual... I saw another one in Thailand for 2000€ + shipping + customs, etc... More info: RG8550MZ | Ibanez Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
IncludesOHSC, tremolo arm, straplocks, CoA, Ibanez manual

RG 8420ZE PA - Really good souding EMGs here. I use this j.custom on every band rehearsal and it's amazing. This guitar however is not in the best shape. It has some dings: on the horn, side and neck (pictured). It's scratched a bit. Still looks and plays awesome though. Has a nice, very 3D top. More info: RG8420ZE | Ibanez Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Includes OHSC, tremolo arm, Ibanez manual

RG 8420ZD DLL - No single coil, elegant color and truly great sound thanks to SD pickups. 2013. It has a small ding on the side and back (pictured) and some buckle rash on the back. More info: RG8420ZD | Ibanez Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Includes OHSC, tremolo arm, CoA, Ibanez tool, some case candy

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