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I wanted to find a great guitar that was neck thru with an ebony board and a fixed bridge. So I bought a custom shop carvin and a Jackson slsmg. both new. Which ever one I liked better I would keep and the other I would sell.

Well the Carvin won! (I kinda thought that was gonna happen)
So my New Jackson SLSMG is up for sale. It now has a Dimarzio clip **** strap with it and a really nice back pack case with it. I didnt get either of those when I bought it.
Ive had the guitar for a few weeks and its never left my basement.

Id like to get $700ish for it. $25 gets it shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Heres some more info about it
The body is all mahogany with a 24 fret ebony board and EMG pickups! The pickups are passive (HZ models but they SCREAM!!!) The guitar was bought from a failing music store. the only flaw is that the store had to stamp a very small "USED" on the very top of the back of the headstock in order to lower its price some it was not a big price drop at all! Other than that the guitar is absolutely perfect!!!! This is a great shred type guitar! The fixed bridge is awesome it never goes out of tune! And the satin finish shows no finger prints!!!!

Pics are here
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