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Hi Guys

For Sale is my Shocking pink Jem 777 SK

EXCELLENT Condition - The paint on the body has no issues at all - no chips, no dinks, no rash, and its not been re-finned either. There is just one very small paint chip on the end of the headstock - but its tiny....... and the pink is still VERY Pink!!!! No sign of deeper pink under the truss cover.

When i got it it had a black Edge trem fitted so i have just put a BRAND NEW Edge trem in cosmo on it and the rest of hardware is in very good condition. Comes with good condition Pink Lined Jem case and trem arm.

Frets in excellent shape - the previous owner has had the whole of the neck professionally laquered and whilst this might not be to some peoples tastes - the job has been Expertly done and feels and looks fantastic - ideal for those who want to play but hate the look of dirty maple.

Any inspection is welcome to ascertain it is indeed a genuine guitar.

I'm asking £2000 or nearest offer........ Due to the near perfect condition of all the paintwork

Swaps/PX considered for any of the newer style Ibanez Artists - such as AR2000 etc.....

Please email directly to [email protected] with any questions.......

Max - Ibanezking
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