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FS: Jem 7vwh 2003 model (ebony fretboard)

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Item for sale: Jem 7VWH #F0300729

Description & Condition: This guitar was only really played for several months, and is in excellent conditon. it's been professionally set up, and also has the locking stud mod and knife edges slightly filed. This is the last year ebony fretboards were available. One other note: in the trem cavity there are 3 small holes that have been drilled: one in line with the middle spring, and 2 smaller ones perpendicular to it - these were for installation of a hipshot tremsetter, which I later uninstalled. The holes don't affect playability one bit, and are not noticable with the trem cover in place. Other than that, there are no scratches or imperfections that I can see. I will ship this in a mint condition UV1000 case, and if you want, I'll throw in the tremsetter.

Asking Price: 1250 + s&h or best offer

My Location: Amarillo, TX

Terms of Sale/Purchase: I'll ship to the lower 48 states

Other Information: Please pm me if you'd like more information - I don't own a digital camera, but if you'd like pictures, let me know and I'll try to borrow one from somebody.

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hello !
can you tell me shipping price to France, please ? am really interested.

mail me, or PM me.

cheers :)
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