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The guitar has been signed by Steve during a Masterclass. Dimarzio's Air Norton + Tone Zone pickups are mounted but I will include the original Evolution pickups in the sale for free. The guitar plays like a dream and has been kept serviced regularly.
The autograph was covered with a transparent protective spray paint (done by a professional) but has slightly faded during the years. The white color of the finish has started to turn slightly yellowish (as seen in the pictures), which only gives it more character (IMHO).
I can provide proof of the authenticity of the autograph (have pictures with Steve while he is signing my guitar with me) on request.
The guitar is located in Italy and I will ship it in its hard case (J Craft Custom) with shipping cost covered by the buyer. I accept any kind of payment, including Paypal.

Pictures: https : //photos.app.goo.gl/ cDxFaagsy3DJGsF28

The price is 1500 € (plus shipping).
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