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FS: Jem10th as mint condition

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Item for sale: Ibanez jem 10th no 859

Description & Condition: Effectively brand new aside from a small amount of paint wear on the middle pickup

Asking Price: $3000

My Location: Dublin, Ireland

Terms of Sale/Purchase: For sale only, no part exchange considered - am selling it as am buying a house and need to pay for sinks and toilets - that type of crap :/

Other Information: The guitar has been very rarely played - I worked in a guitar shop and got the jem towards the end of my time there. I haven't had any time to play guitar since that so there's no point in me having this guitar if I can't use it most of the time. I've got a few pictures up at http://www.joconnell.com/jem/ if anyone wants a look. Please mail me at oconnelljohn(at)gmail(dot)com with any other questions.


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Hi Folks,

There are no other marks at all - I'll take some better photos of it in the next day or two with no flash to give you a better look at it.


Please confirm the price $3000 USD or EURO?
Hi Ray - $3000 plus delivery. I'll be putting up better pictures today too.
Thank you and I look forward to the pictures. Please state if it is US dollars of Euro?
$ is us...and euro is..hmm..hehehe..i dont have this sign on my keyboard ;-)
#859? I know #860 was seen earlier... How many of these were made? Any ideas why the numbers go beyond #852?
This for sale ad is nearly 5 years old. The posts are all dated. Read first, post second please.
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