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Ibanez Jem90th HAM (Steve Vaï model made for the 90 years of Ibanez)

Technical specifications:

Go to http://www.jemsite.com/jem/spec.htm#anniv
- Manufactured only in 1998
- 759 models in the world
- s/n: F9805751

Pics on: http://kiaostaff2.free.fr/jem90/


Except legendary "the Neck Joint - Common Surfaces visible Ace" on almost all Jem and Universe, confirmed on http://www.jemsite.com/jem/neckjoint.htm, nothing special, there is a little smog on the pickguard on some small places, recoverable using polish (the advantage of the metal), the floyd and mecanics are mint, not oxidized, not of blow nor scratch, some stripes on the microphones, a small scratch inside the horn, pics more precise on request.

Two options for the price:

- with fly SKB (2 cracks, adapted has the guitar, pics 11) = 1750€
- with fly Ibanez (pics 12 and 13) = 1850€

Visible and withdrawable in clean hand on Paris. shipping in supplement.


State impec, in their limps paperboard of origin and handbook...:

Boss CS-3 60€
Sustainer Compression
Dimensions: 70 (P) X 125 (L) X 55 (H) mm
Weight: 450 G

Digitech X series - Metal master 80€
Heavy Metal distortion
Adjustments: Morph distortion
Controls of volume, low and high frequencies
Standard equalization contour of spectrum
Modeling of amplifiers at exit for direct recording comforts

130€ for both.
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