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Hi all,

I am interested in selling my jpm90ham, otherwise known as the John Petrucci 90th Anniversary Hoshino Gakki model Ibanez. I had this beautiful, incredibly rare guitar signed by John Petrucci at the National Guitar Summer Workshop (replete with hilarious signing story which I'm happy to share). As much as I love this guitar, it stayed in its case for most of its tenure with me, so:

  • Microscopic dings
  • Slightly worn signature on the bottom-left of the body below the knobs - very bottom of the J descender is worn from the case.
  • Original Case
  • Original hardware + tremolo arm

I am happy to share more pictures, but here are some previews.

My post count is under 10, apparently, but this is the community that I'd like to share my guitar with first. Contact me for pictures.

Asking price: $2900 - the signature is a consistently elevating added value, particularly for this very rare and very lovely guitar that is an amazing display/play piece. From Musician's Friend:

"I've been playing for nine years. I've a JEM77BFP, a 440R (with Tone Zone and Fast Track II)and a JS wood finish fixed bridge custom. Now I have a JPM90HAM. I can stop now. I can also sell the rest. (not that I would, but I could) Cos' the JPM is just remarkable. It's cheaper than the JEM, equally responsive and just as flashy. Only one thing. It dun have a paper thin neck. But that's why I bought it anyway. So stop reading this, go raid your piggy bank and buy one for yourself to find out what I've been raving about."​

I am happy to discuss shipping options with motivated buyers. Thank you!
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