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So I picked up one of these amp modelers recently on the bay. It does exactly what I expected it to do (I bought it to practice in my apartment and also to be able to record stuff straight to my computer so that I could write parts easier), however after fixing my combo amp I really dont need this anymore plus I am going to buy a slightly more expensive digital recorder with XLR mic inputs for the recording i think and could use this cash towards that)

This unit is very similar to the Line 6 Pod setups but is a better price and I personally enjoy it a lot more than the lower end line 6s that would be closest in price (but still a lot more expensive)

-24 choices of amp models, bass amp models, and acoustic guitar models. 30 user presets or create 30 of your very own
-18 different speaker cabinet models to mix and match with the amp models
-built in noise supressor and built in compressor
-a slew of completely editable effects (with tap tempo where applicable)
-S/PDIF digital output make it ready to record in the digital domain.
-headphone jack
-standard instrument cable inputs and outputs
-can be used purely as an amp modeler and run into an amp/speakers or used connect directly to a computer for recording purposes.
-built in tuner
-several tone and pre and post volume/gain knobs
-MIDI in/out

Power Supply and Original manual included. The ONLY flaw my unit has is that the top of the preset knob arrived broken from the original shipment, however, this has not effected my use of that knob. (It still turns and changes the preset and might be able to be glued on unnoticeable even).

Average selling price Ive seen on **** including shipping is $85-100 with one getting snagged for $67 (without a power supply though I think) and some going for as much as $125. I live in greenville, sc but I could ship this as needed.

Picture of the same model (not of my unit specifically though)

More complete specs if anyone cares to read beyond my summary:

# 24 Amp Models:

* J Crunch Based on the Johnson Millennium
* J Solo Based on the Johnson Millennium
* J Clean Based on the Johnson Millennium
* Boutique Based on a Matchless DC30
* Rectified Based on a Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier
* Brit Stack Based on a Marshall JCM900
* Brit Combo Based on a '63 Class A Vox AC30 Top Boost
* Black Face Based on a '65 Fender Twin
* Boat Back (acoustic) a piezo acoustic guitar such an Ovation
* Flat Top (acoustic) a dreadnaught acoustic guitar
* Hot Rod Based on a Mesa/Boogie MkIIC
* Tweed Based on a '57 Fender Deluxe
* Blues A 'dynamic blues combo'
* Fuzz A '60s fuzz tone
* Modern (bass) Based on an SWR
* British (bass) Based on a Trace Elliot
* Rock (bass) Based on an Ampeg SVT
* More A1 Based on a Hiwatt Custom 50
* More A2 Based on a '78 Marshall Master Volume
* More A3 Based on a '81 Marshall JCM800 w/EL34s
* More A4 Based on a '72 Fender Bandmaster
* More A5 Based on a '65 Fender Bassman
* More A6 Based on a SWR Interstellar Odrive
* More A7 Based on a '83 Fender Concert Head
* More A8 Direct - no modelling

# 18 Cabinet Models:

* No Cabinet
* Brit 4x12 (Marshall 1960A w/ 75W Celestions)
* Johnson 412V (loaded w/ Vintage 30 Celestions)
* Fane 4x12 (a Hiwatt SE4123 w/Fanes)
* Johnson 2x12 (Open back w/Vintage 30 Celestions)
* American 2x12 (a Fender Twin 2x12)
* Jennings Blue 2x12 (a '63 Vox AC30)
* Tweed 1x12 (a Fender Deluxe 1x12)
* Blonde 2x12 (a Bassman 2x12)
* Bass 4x10 w/ Tweeter (an SWR 4x10 w/tweeter)
* Bass 360 1x18 (an Acoustic 360)
* Flex Bass 1x15 (a Ampeg Portaflex)
* Green Back 4x12 (a Marshall 1960B w/ 25W Celestion Greenbacks)
* Mega 1516 (a Peavey 1x15 and 2x8)
* Boutique 4x12(Va HT 4x12 w/Celestion V30s)
* '65 Tweed 1x12(a Fender '65 Deluxe)
* Goliath 4x10 (an SWR Goliath)
* Ivy League 1x10 (a Fender Harvard)
* Bass Man 4x10 (a Fender Bassman)

# Up to 6 studio quality effects to any Amp Model
# Mod/Pitch Effects:

* Compressor
* Wah
* Noise Gate
* Chrous
* Flanger
* Phaser
* Tremolo
* Rotary speaker
* AutoWah
* Pitch Shift/Detuning

# Delays (with tap tempo):

* Mono Delay
* Analog Delay
* Pong Delay
* Analog Pong Delay

# Reverbs:

* Club
* Studio
* Bathroom
* Plate
* Sounstage
* Garage
* Hall
* Church
* Arena
* Two 7" Springs
* Two 14" Springs
* Three 14" Springs
* Rattle & Boing

# 7 gain and tone knobs
# 3 dedicated knobs for fine tuning effect parameters
# 30 factory effect presets
# 30 user locations for storing custom configurations
# Full MIDI implementation
# S/PDIF digital out

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You got a build date on your J-Station? The earlier ones supposedly sound better than the later-made ones. Got mine, and earlier one, new, in 1999. Great piece of gear, and still use it, to this day, each time I play out.
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