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With all the pain of my heart, i have to sell this beautiful guitar, i recently have got a
GMC and need to recover some cash.

This is an Ibanez JS Black Dog replica.

The price of an original is out of this world! so i decided to make a custom model. I
bought a black JS 100 and i look for a luthier who made the work.

The guitar was painted by Rick Giarmo, a great luthier and artist (I hope to work with him again this year) and he did a fantastic work.

The guitar is in mint condition, like new. Just used at home.
The clear coat is awesome and the colors are incredible.
Hard case is included (not original ibanez)

I'am asking $1300. Buyer will pay for shipping costs.

Yes, i know it's a JS100, but it has an exclusive design, a masterpiece work! that cost
more than the guitar itself

Any further questions/pic requests or fair offers, please PM


Thansk for looking
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