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Selling Ibanez JS2KPLT "Clearboy" #44 that I bought in June from the Guitar Gallery in Orlando FL. Paid 5k 6 months ago asking $3500. If there are any imperfections on this I cant see them and it plays like a dream. Comes with case, bag and certificate that came with.

Also selling... (I will cover shipping on the Clearboy but the others are buyer pays shipping)

Ibanez RG350DX: White with a couple marks where it looks like chips were painted over with a white that didnt quite match. (2 small areas) Trem plate is autographed by Joe Satriani (was also by Vai but the bulk of that rubbed off) Asking 150.00

Ibanez RG7420 7 String: At least I think its a 7420. V7 & V8 humbuckers, metallic black with black knobs and a Floyd Rose trem. Paint chipped by the jack. $250.00 with case.

Ibanez Talman Electric/Acoustic: Blue and black, only blemishes are pick scratches in the usual places. $100

Ibanez AW112CE 12 String Acoustic: Pretty sure its a 112CE, made in Korea, has AW on the headstock otherwise no markings but usual wear. $200
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