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Hi, i have a fantastic condition Krank Rev Jr for sale. The mini stack has hardly been used & is in almost 'as new' condition, the only slight flaw is the fuse holder where the thread has been worn (was like it when I purchased the amp, someone must have used the wrong screwdriver) although there's no issue getting to the fuse. Stack has never been gigged & is surplus to my requirements.

Im looking for £380 for head & cabinet & live in Surrey, UK

Chrome model so Chrome grill on head & speaker cab
Two channel 20W head
Preamp three 12AX7 tubes, power section two Sovtek 5881 tubes
Volume, gain, 3 band eq, sweep control, push button “boost”, push button channel switch
Tube-driven active effects loop, 8 and 16 ohm selector, worldwide voltage use

Can email pictures.

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