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Up for sale guys is this LEFT HANDED Ibanez DNA copy..........

Brand new body with a genuine Herc Fede DNA swirl, clearcoat and clear plate
Fantastic replica DNA neck with rear skunk stripe and volute for added strength
The lighter of the 2 DNA strands and the small dots are GLOW in the DARK........!
Dimarzio Evolution pickups
Ibanez Edge Pro and all other Japanese Ibanez hardware in cosmo black
Has had the Locking post mod kit fitted
Your choice of colour of Dimarzio cliplock strap fitted
Case to be decided - upon availability of a case to fit a LH body........

Guitar is almost finished - just needs a few more coats of tung oil and a waxing to the back of the neck, stringing, set-up and play test........

A bargain at £1700 including UK shipping - please ask for shipping quote for Europe/rest of the world.

Please Note : This is not intended as a direct EXACT like for like replica - this is just our interpretation of it........ Please no comments saying the DNA had powder cosmo hardware and this one has cosmo....... We know that...... but you try getting hold of a left handed PC trem!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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