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This was built for me by jeremy at LGM guitars. Its an rg custom basicaly.

The specs are:

Body: RG 6string, hum/hum, rear rout, direct mounted pup, lo pro edge,angle jack. perloid bound. in swamp ash

Neck: 24 fret, Jem 7v profile,FLAME maple, ebony fret board (no inlays), W/6100 frets

Headstock: matching swamp ash veneer and perloid bound. chrome logo.
Bridge pup: Tone zone

Neck pup: Air Norton

Controls: master vol
master tone
5 way switch

Bridge: Lo Pro Edge (vintage cosmo or whatever its called same as vsbl)

Strings: 009 to 042

Finish: Transparent black with perloid binding

I hate to sell this guitar but i simply dont use it much now as im playing different guitars than i used to. I will let this go for alot less than the over £1000 i paid for it.

Im asking £650 (it hurts to say that) The guitar is in the condition i got it so its mint tho as the body was made by EKG and the neck by lgm the neck isnt a perfect fit but is still very good and please dont let this put you off as im makeing it sound worse that it is but i tell any buyer everything i can.

This is a serious guitar and i would like it to go to someone who will play it all the time.


http://community.webshots.com/album/207546246YUOwss/0 (this link so pics of the guitar right through construction.

I can take any pics anyone wants and give any info anyone wants.

Pleam pm me if you are interested.

Shipping in the u.k will be £30 and i havent considerd sending it over seas but if i do you will be repsonsible for all shipping costs and any tax etc your end but we can sort that out later.
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