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Item for sale: Carvin Leagcy 1/2 stack guitar amp

Description & Condition: 50/100 watt Legacy head, and slanted Legacy 4 x 12 speaker cab. (2002) Item is in ilke new condition. Item has been stored in a smoke free home, never been gigged. Both amp and cab are in the same condition that they came from the factory in.

Asking Price: $850 + shipping. (Ideal buyer would be in the Seattle/ Puget Sound area where it could just be picked up)

My Location:Bellevue WA

Terms of Sale/Purchase: Payment method must be certified/ cashiers check/ money order. Cash would be an acceptable payment for a face to face transaction.

Other Information: This amp is an absolute beast. If you have further questions, I can be reached via email at [email protected]
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