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Item for sale: M-audio Keystation 49e midi keyboard

Description & Condition: Like new, no scratches dents or anything. Comes in original box with manual and usb cable. I'm selling it because it's not going to fit on my smaller college desk and I'm looking to replace it with a smaller one. It a 49key midi controller with mod wheels and stuff. Fairly simple and worked well for me.

Asking Price: I got it for around $100 from newegg.com so I'm going to let it go for $70.00 + shipping OBO. I'm willing to trade it for a smaller midi controller such as the m-audio oxygen 8.

My Location: West Lafayette, IN

Terms of Sale/Purchase: Paypal

Other Information: I'll ship this via UPS/FedEx ground as soon as recieve payment. I'd prefer US buyers. Thanks!
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