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For sale here is my Marshall 1922 2x12 extension cabinet. I bought it NEW on January 12th 2005, and I have used for about 4 hours maximum time. So it hasnt been used at all really! There are no marks, scratches, dings or dents at all on it. It is like buying new, only cheaper, lol.

You know what the thing is, you know what it does. It is ideal for an extension to a combo amp, or for a rack setup. I have used it with a rack setup and head units in the past, and had lovely results. It sounds pretty good to me. I wouldnt get rid of it if I didnt have to, but I need both the cash and the space its taking up.

Asking Price: £120 - £140 (They are still £200 in the shops)

My Location: Essex, UK.

Terms of Sale/Purchase: No overseas buyers obviously. Because it is heavy and bulky, postage wont even be considered. So you would have to pick it up yourself from me.

Apart from that, I think thats it.
PM me with any questions. Or email me at [email protected]
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