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Item for sale:
Marshall 1960 "Vintage" Straight and Slant cab

Description & Condition:
Stereo switchable cabs bought new around 1998. Moderate wear as these cabs have been gigged. However, the tolex has been glued back down and filled in. If you stand about 6 feet away or closer you can see the tolex repairs, but from a distance they look perfect. They are 100% functional and sound great. Slant cab has a fractured backplate (see pics) which can be replaced through Marshall. I have reduced the price of the top cab to reflect this. The cab still functions perfect despite the cracked plate.

140W per side @ 8ohm. Mono 280W, there are options for 4 and 16 ohm selections.

Celestion G12 Vintage 70 Watt speakers.

I bought them new for $750 each a few years ago. Musicians Friend has them for $950 each. Looks like these might be a good investment if you hang onto them.

Asking Price:
Slant cab - $450 (due to cracked backplate)
Bottom cab - $480
Take them both for $895

Check out more pics here:

My Location:
Houston, Texas

Terms of Sale/Purchase:
I'd prefer not to ship these as I know it will cost around $100 each to do so and I don't have the material to pack them. If you want me to ship them I will call a professional packing company to do it. This will be added to the final price. US 48 shipping only. Cash or cashiers check only.

Other Information:
If you have been to Jemfest the past three years you'll remember the great sound these have. These have been used by many Jemfest artists.

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