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FS - Marshall 6100Lm (uk only please)

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Item for sale:
Marshall 6100LM 100w all tube head (Not the Blue version!)

Description & Condition:
The amp is in fully working order and the tolex is in excellent condition. The only problem with the actual look of the amp is that the righting on the front and rear has started to peel off. On the front you can just about read the text, but on the rear it’s nearly all gone. I can supply pictures of the amp, so you can see it for yourself. I also have the 3way footswitch.

The tubes in the amp are
Power Tubes JJ/tesla - 6L6’s
Pre Amp – JJ/tesla – ecc83s
These tubes where all put in about 6months ago and only gigged with twice!
Asking Price:
£500 ono
If anyone wants pictures or any other info just PM me.


My Location:
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