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Up for sale we have two maxon pedals...a CP-9 compressor, a AF-9 envelope filter (very cool auto-wah thingy), and a Full Tone Full Drive 2.

The Maxon AF-9 is MINT never been used, the CP-9 has been used but barely, and the FullTone FullDrive 2 has been used and has had the rubber stoppers removed, and replaced with velcro (due to being on a pedal board).

Also have an MXR Smart Gate for sale. Cool pedal, but since I ended up throwing Dimarzio HS-3's and HS-2's in my Strats it's been unnecessary.

The prices is as follows (not including shipping):

Maxon AF-9: $180.00
Maxon CP-9: $165.00
FullTone Fulldrive 2: $100.00
MXR Smart gate: $75.00

Paypal only please. Thanks!

- Tony
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