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Hi I'm selling off my awesome rack set-up that consists of:

Mesa 50/50 power amp blue version. Amazing condition, seriously the best I've seen for age with minimal rack marks.

Hughes Kettner Access preamp sound module B. This sounds incredible, very organic sounding & does sparkling cleans to modded JCM800 to modern metal at the flick of the midi switch. These are triaxis killers and read the reviews as they're one of the best pre's you can get for less than £1k. This one has rack rash on top however front is good just slight chip on volume level, recently retuned with JJ83's

Also throwing in a ada mp1 3tm. Awesome condition with minimal rack wear. Obviously this thing also sounds brutal. Prob needs new tubes and a service as stereo output doesn't appear to work but other than that works great.

All sits in a purple tolex coated rack mount.

I want to move all this soon so looking to sell the lot for £750 plus shipping. I'm moving house so it's currently in storage although I can get pics in nx 2weeks. I have ada pics if you want them. This is a stonking deal on a really versatile set-up, I'm based in Sussex UK but will ship anywhere if u pay

Let me know
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