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I am the second owner of this amp. I am only selling because I am putting together a different setup.

- Cosmetics: This could not be cleaner. No rack rash and looks almost new with no exaggeration whatsoever.
- Functionality: Perfect. Sounds great, retubed a few months ago with new Boogie tubes. LOUD is an understatement.

I am sure you know the specs if you're looking but here you go:

- 2-space rack design with cooling fan
- Independent volume and presence controls for each channel
- High/Low power switch that changes the output from 50 watts per side to 15 watts per side (GREAT for keeping your ears from bleeding when practicing)
- On/off switch and standby switch
- Has one 8-ohm and two 4-ohm speaker outputs per channel
- Ground lift switch
- Four NEW Mesa 6L6 power tubes

Pics at http://www.ericsguitars.com/mesa5050

I would Bay it at $500 plus shipping but you guys can have it for $475 including shipping. Thanks and please email if you're interested.

[email protected]
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