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Item for sale: Mesa Boogie Nomad 45 2x12 Combo

Description & Condition: 45 Watt EL84 powered 2x12 combo amplifier. Loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. Has 3 channels, each channel has 2 voicings or modes. Channel 1 (clean) has normal mode and pushed mode, Channel 2 (crunch) has vintage and normal modes, Channel 3 (lead) has vintage and normal modes. Power amp also has two voicings, normal and extreme. Each channel has gain, master volume, presence, treble, mid and bass. Plus there is a global output master volume and a solo volume which is available for every channel and is footswitch accessible, footswitch is included.

Channel 1 (clean) is a very crisp clean, but is easily pushed into SRV territory. Not quite the depth of a fender, but if you want a fender tone then buy a fender. It is a very good clean and much rounder than a rectifier clean tone in my opinion.

Channel 2 (crunch) is awesomely versatile, it picks up where channel one leaves off and can take you into modded JCM 800 territory if you want it to. Think girth, big fat tube tone here. I tended to use this channel for nearly everything and used my guitar volume to back off the gain when I wanted to clean it up. Simply a fantastic channel, worth the price of admission alone.

Channel 3 (lead) Think rectifier with a soul. It is much more refined tone than a rectifier, but there is just as much gain on tap, arguably too much if you ask me...but I tend to play with not much gain. Not as versatile as channel 2 but if you want a huge massive bone crushing tone, then this is it.

It also has an effects loop, recording out (which I never used). FX loop is not footswitchable. These amps have a sort of cult following among users on this site, and it is well deserved. I am only selling due to the need to make room in my studio and the fact that I do more acoustic stuff these days and I've grown quite fond of my Rivera/Bogner set up. I am also selling my 2x12 rectifier cabinet so check that listing out separately if you're interested.

Condition: Cosmetically only one small nick in the tolex just above the gain nob on channel 3, barely noticable, look more like someone pressed their thumbnail into the tolex about half the width of your pinky nail. There is no reverb pan, it didn't work so I just unplugged it an pulled it out. New one from boogie is $30. Other than that, it's pretty much dead straight.

Asking Price: $700 plus shipping (it's heavy)

My Location: St. Louis, MO

Terms of Sale/Purchase: US Postal money order preferred, will do paypal if you cover the fees. Not going to want to hassle with anything overseas.

Other Information: Might be interested in interesting trades, here's what floats my boat these days. Acoustic stuff (high end 12 string, Breedlove Mandolins, High Quality nylon string classical), High End 7 string (J-customs, UVs, 1077, 2027), kicking car stereo gear (JL Audio, Focal, Boston Acoustics...need 6.5" component speakers, 5 channel amp, quality 10" or 12" sub)

I can send pics, but please don't ask unless you're really interested. The only camera I've got at the moment is my phone camera which isn't horrible, but it is what it is and I'll do my best. My descriptions are accurate. Thanks for looking.
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