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Up for sale Mesa Boogie 1x12 TransAtlantic 23 Cabinet

No marks, working without any problem.

475€ or BO, shipped with original cover.

EU market only!!!

’The 1x12 TransAtlantic® 23 Cabinet offers the ideal combination of portable size and weight with exceptional tonal width, depth and elusive high-end openness. While only four inches wider than the original Boogie® and TransAtlantic 19® extension cabs, the increased resonance of this slightly larger cabinet and the tuned top & bottom rear panel delivers a warmer, rounder, more lush bass response with sweet mids and signature sparkle and shimmer for which the open-back designs are known for. This perfect mixture of Tone, size, weight and retro/vintage good looks make it the perfect companion for our TransAtlantic TA-15, TA-30 or ANY amp you pair it with!
You simply won’t find a better cabinet. ALL MESA® ENCLOSURES are made using the finest Void-free, Marine Grade Baltic Birch. Super strong rabbet corners are glued and nailed and speaker baffles are fitted with superior dado joint construction and braced. Grille material is made of strong twisted jute dipped in a special coating that filters top end for a sweeter response.’







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