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Hey everyone. Not my first time here but after years I actually signed up instead of lurking around.

Anyway, up FS is my Mesa/Boogie Triaxis preamp as well as the Boogie 20/20 power amp. Bought both of them in 2009 but the serial numbers date them back a little bit further. Both were re-tubed by qualified Mesa techs at Diversified audio in Tampa, and both are in excellent working condition aside from one of the LED's not lighting up all the way (the horizontal line at the top of a 7 or a 5 doesn't show up, for example, and it's only on one display and does NOT interfere with the functionality or tone of the preamp.)
The Triaxis's serial (T2723) makes it a V2, non-Fat mod version. It absolutely screams, and I have made up several different settings that I can restore to factory default if you wish. Both pre- and power-amp have been played at a home studio and used in jam sessions but have not been gigged since I bought them. They do have some "rack rash" and minor scratching but these are Boogie products and built like Bradley tanks. Pics to come ASAP (no data plan on my phone to upload pics).

I'm asking $1,000 for the Tri and $500 for the 20/20 (shipped). If you want just one, that's cool, or I'll bring it down to $1300 for the two.
Cheers and play on!

PS. Anyone in the Tampa Bay area can come pick it/them up!
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