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:):)All prices include shipping to mainland UK:):)

Ibanez RG7620 body, fair few minor knocks and dents. suit project: £70

Dimarzio Blaze 7 string Bridge (loads of wire): £45

Dimarzio Blaze 7 sting Neck (loads of wire): £45

wiring from Ibanez JS1000. one scratchy pot no switch: £7

Two 500K pots wired together: £7

Ibanez Wiring (pots switch output jack etc from 7620 above): £20

Gotoh straplocks new unused in packet: £15

Chrome pickup mounting rings (neck and bridge set): £10

Allparts 01154 Chrome metal knobs in packet (two sets): £5 each set

Barrel output jack, chrome in packet: £3

Copper control cavity shielding tape 5 foot by 1 inch (2 packs): £5 each
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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