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Item for sale:
Peavey Classic 30

Description & Condition:
Good Condition. There is a minor tear in the tolex, but besides that, it is rather clean. I have upgraded some parts in the amp.

I switched out the stock speaker for a british Celestion Vintage 30 (the new ones are made in China). That cost me about 110$. I also put in new JJ tubes , which cost me about 80$.

Asking Price: $450 + Shipping

My Location: Seabrook, Texas. Zip Code 77586.

Terms of Sale/Purchase: I offer shipping anywhere, as long as buyer covers charges. Payable through Paypal or through personal check. If paypal, remember to pay the additional 3% fee.

Other Information: After the upgrades I made, it's a great sounding amp. However, my interests have turned elsewhere, and I need cash. I hope the amp finds a good home. Here are some pictures.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Thanks.
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