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Hey there¡¡¡

Finally... my last guitar for sale (you can check my other ads for a New Old stock Fender HM Strat and ESP George Lynch Serpent model). So what here we are is another brand new guitar. This was ordered 2 weeks ago, and as you can see on the customer papers guitar was manufactured in April 2007. Only played for the pics and test it. As you could realize all metallic parts brights. As I explain in the other post have several unexoected bills to pay and I´m selling some of my stuff. This guitar I have it for only for less than 2 weeks so is the less important to leave it part.

As you know Edawrds guitars are the result of the limited production of some guitar models from ESP only for the Japanase market. Not comparing with LTD. This guitars really rocks, the finishes are from high quality and sound is stunning. Guitar is not an ESP but is pretty close to be one.
The neck is awesome. Very thin and flat with a low low action on strings. You almost don´t need to play, action is so low that guitar plays by itself. Ebony fingerboard with sawtooth inlays. The bridge is an Original Floyd Rose, (OFR) not licensed ones and stays in tune forever... Only one pickup, the EMG HZ-H4 as the original ESP model that truly screams. Only one volume knob and of course no switching. This guitar is not to play pop, blues or similar. This guitar is to kill with it, completely shred axe bomb. Ready to Shred.

Manufacturer: ESP
Construction: Body type Solid
Neck joint: Neck-thru
Woods: Body Alder
Neck: 3-piece Maple
Fretboard Ebony with Sawtooth Inlays
Hardware: Floyd Rose Original Bridge
Pickup(s) EMG HZ H-4

NOTE: If you can check the specs from the oruginal ESP model you can realize that specs on both guitars are practically the same, but you pay probably more than double for the ESP model.
Check specs here: http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_alexi.html

Price: 1100 euros the same total I pay a few days ago after custom´s bill.

Guitar will be delivered through Spanish Mail Company "Correos". Will be very well package to be safe in a big box. Shipping rate to Europe us around 60 euros and overseas or US around 120 euros. People who can be interested email me or sent a private and I can provide a more accurate rate.

Here are the pics:


















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Still on sale guys. For US residents wull be a little expensive for customs fees and for the current conversion between Euro-dollar, but people in Europe don´t find any cheaper. Even on Germany, they are quite cheap in guitars and electronics have listed on stores at 1070 euros + shipping. Here you can take it at cost 900 euros + shipping. Here is a good chance.
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