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Very cool Jem 777 style project I picked up and have option anxiety with. This was made by Xoticwoods on the evil auction site. It is a one off he did that I acquired and I am sure I will screw it up if I go ahead and start customizing it. Hopefully someone out there can appreciate it and show it some respect by completing it.

http://s155.photobucket.com/albums/s302/777danny/Jem/ (cut and paste should bring up the photo album on photobucket.com)

It is a one piece alder body with lion's claw and monkey grip, 5AAAAA maple neck with ebony fretboard and vine inlay, jumbo frets, non tilt neck joint. It hasn't been bolted together or anything yet. I assume the pics will tell the story, but pls feel free to ask me any questions.

I have always collected the original 777SK, 777LNG, and 777DSY's. I was going to swirl this and I figure it is too pretty as is.

I have sold several guitars and parts on here including ones to Rich @ Ibanez Rules (actually 2 Jems I think). So it's OK.

PayPal OK. $699 or best offer. Shipping should be less than $30 I guess in the continental US. We can talk about the shipping if we make a deal. Thank you
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