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I think I'm only selling one of these, but I am not certain.
Too much stuff, not enough space, as the story goes.

The Diezel is in EXCELLENT condition, always covered when not in use, includes padded cover for transport. This amp is truly one of the best I have ever owned, TRULY! The cleans are ridiculous!
The Gain is so musical and can go from slight edge to more gain than I need ever.
if the video below doesn't convince you that it's an incredible amp, I don't know what else will!
I did not have the footswitch for her, but I DO have a MIDI Mouse that works VERY well, I can toss that in for $80 with a MIDI cable.
Tubes have LOTS of life left in them, I maybe have 30 hours on them at the most, 40.
Asking $2650, Shipped or best.


Next up, my Cornford Roudhouse 50.
It's a 50 watter that sounds amazing!!!
it's a single channel with a boost so it fakes 2 channel operation very well, but we need to be honest.
These don't come up very often if at all due to the limited production and then the company shutting (burning) down.

Everything you've heard and read about the tone and play-ability is absolutely true.
VERY Touch sensitive and it rewards you equally for light rolled off volume or full on playing.


I JUST installed a full set of JJs and the amp has literally only maybe 4 hours of play time with the new tubes, so it's awesome!!! When I demoed this amp in the store, I fell in love immediately, still love it and if I don't sell her, I won't lose any sleep. Includes the footswitch.
Asking $1500 + actual shipping or best. it's a 2x12, so I would really rather have someone local, but if you're willing to pay, I'll have her well protected before she leaves on her journey.

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