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Item for sale: A dimarzio air zone, it is blue and f spaced, It has a bit more than 5 inches of leads. The pickup is in excellent shape, no scratches, or anything like that. It was direct mounted to the guitar so the mount holes are enlarged a bit

Description & Condition: excellent, no physical damage, cosmetically prefect.

Asking Price: I'd like to trade, i am looking for a neck pickup to pair with a super distortion. I will take any of the following as trades, spacing doesn't matter. any colors except black white , and cream white. Out right price 48$ shipped to the lower 48

evolution neck
Air norton
air classic bridge
humbucker from hell
Paf classic bridge
Breed neck
Virtual paf bridge
Paf joe

My Location: San Angelo tx 76901

Terms of Sale/Purchase: i'd really like to trade, if i sell, i'll take a money order or paypal

Other Information: I have a clip of the pickup in the neck position, i'd be more then happy to send it to anyone interested.

for looking
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